18 Декабря 2020

The "Top Professional" Series Are On

The "Top Professional" series of meetings began at the Financial University on December 16, 2020.

This project was created by the International Students and Faculty Department specifically to enable students to learn first hand about successful foreign graduates and how to prepare effectively for a vast quantity of career opportunities. 

The first guest of the cycle was alumni of the Faculty of International Economic Relations (Class 2011) Nuriddin Akhmedov.

Currently, Nuriddin Akhmedov is Vice-President of Alpha Bank in the team of corporate finance and asset investment. Its main focus is M&A, equity capital market and investment in assets. He is in charge of financial, telecom, media and technology industries. 

During the presentation, Mr Akhmedov elaborated on his career path, as well as stressed the importance of student friendship, which could later serve as a solid foundation for networking. In addition, Nuriddin Akhmedov has formulated three basic principles that help him to be successful. 

You should:
1. Have a desire to develop and learn; 
2. Be open and honest, value friendship;
3. Keep your inner motivation and discipline. 

A significant segment of the meeting was devoted to the preparation and successful completion of the interviews.  

Learning is a lifelong marathon, so it’s very important to dive in and learn interdisciplinary connections. Students should understand that learning is a privilege. All opportunities should be grasped and realised. 80% of your success at the interview is your preparation

Nuriddin Akhmedov

The lively discussion took place after the main part. It took Mr Akhmedov quite a while to answer all the questions asked. 

The International Students and Faculty Department received a lot of positive feedback from the students, which indicates high relevance of the themes raised during the meeting. 

We look forward to meeting a new guest of the cycle "Top Professional"!

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