14 Декабря 2020

Talking to Students about Drugs and Alcohol

December 3, 2020 group ПФ-7 from the Pre-University Training Faculty discussed a very serious topic — cigarette smoking and substance abuse. 

The topic was chosen on purpose: the younger generation is increasingly finding joy in one-time delights, which later can trigger serious consequences. 

The dominant age in the group is 18-19 y.o., but students who are 25-26 y.o. are also studying here. To the teacher’s question, "Do you smoke?", the overwhelming majority replied "no", which cannot but be inspiring.

Foreign students explained as they see many stories on the Internet and know that addiction can come to a bad end. Some of the students are under the constant and strict control of their parents, so they do not even want to try. They want to go in for sports, and, according to them, they are eager to stay competitive.