10 Декабря 2020

Online Meeting on Foreign Students’ Issues

December 9, 2020, an online meeting was held to coordinate international activities during the COVID-19 period.

The meeting was opened with a welcoming speech by Head of the International Students and Faculty Department Anatoly Kislyakov, who dwelled on the issues of dismissals and academic leaves. 

"Financial University has stayed in contact with all foreign students. They are studying in an unfamiliar environment, that is why I propose to be more accommodating to them in such a difficult period", says Anatoly Kislyakov

Employment of foreign PhD students was also on the agenda. FinU Human Resources Director Eduard Sukhov addressed this issue and suggested some ways of addressing it.

"Financial University has 73 foreign PhD students in various departments and faculties. If they are willing to cooperate, they should be given an opportunity to work as academic staff at the university. Thanks to our PhD students, the share of foreign academic staff will grow at the Financial University", notes Eduard Sukhov.

Deputy Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Maxim Kotelnikov noted the relevance of this issue.

This task is of great importance, it requires special attention. It is also necessary to maintain the quality of education

Maxim Kotelnikov

The mid-term assessment of bachelor’s degree students and master’s degree students were also discussed at the meeting.

Finally, it was agreed to provide further assistance to foreign students during the pandemic and interact actively with them.