7 Декабря 2020

Remember Those who Defended Moscow and Gave Their Lives in the Battle

December 5, 1941, the Soviet forces started a counteroffensive against the German-Fascist invaders in the Battle of Moscow.

Counteroffensive of the Soviet troops in the Moscow region was the first strategic offensive operation of the Soviet troops during the Great Patriotic War. In the course of the counteroffensive, the Soviets defeated the German strike units and by the end of December advanced by 100-250 km. For the first time in the Second World War, the Nazis suffered a severe defeat — the Soviet Union seized the strategic initiative and forced the enemy to retreat throughout the whole Soviet-German front. The faith in victory increased, the myth of the German army invincibility was debunked!

This operation was the beginning of the victorious movement in the Great Patriotic War. The victory in the Battle of Moscow was achieved thanks to the heroism of the Soviet Army, the great labour feat of the Soviet people and the feat of the People’s Militia, all those who defended the capital. 

The staff of the Financial maintains close ties with the descendants of the soldiers of the 13th Division of the People’s Militia, whose units were formed in the building of the Moscow Credit and Economic Institute located at Kibalchicha Street, 1. We know that the MCEI students were recruited to the 13th division, and a number of teachers and employees of the university (P.V Vasilyev, D.M. Danielyan, Y.A. Dutkin, N. P. Yegorov, G.M. Katz, I.Y. Mager  and others) became leaders of the militia units.

The monument created at the Financial University preserves our grateful memory of Soviet Union military glory and all those who died at war.