4 Декабря 2020

School of the Russian Language. Final Session

Financial University congratulates graduates of the School of the Russian Language and wishes them success in all their future endeavours!

November 30, 2020, the final session of the School of the Russian Language (Economic Focus) for schoolchildren from the gymnasium n.a. M.R. Stefanika (Kosice, Slovakia) was held online at the Financial University.

Alexander Linnikov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, opened the event and welcomed the participants.

"It is a great pleasure to welcome the graduates of the first International Online School of the Financial University. Now, we can confidently say that the COVID-19 pandemic didn't affect the students’ desire to study and learn something new", notes Alexander Linnikov.

The graduates were congratulated by Anna Novgorodova, a representative from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Slovakia as well as by Head of the Department for International Cooperation Lilia Prikhodko.

"All students have successfully completed the program. Financial University is proud of each of you. You are already part of a big and friendly family. I sincerely believe that all difficulties will be soon over, and we will finally meet in person," says Lilia Prikhodko.

During the event, Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Elena Ganina also congratulated the students, noting the high academic level of the schoolchildren from the gymnasium.

Head of the Slovak-Russian section of the gymnasium, lecturer Adriana Lauffova thanked the colleagues and the graduates. Ms Lauffova noted that many students want to continue their studies at Russian universities, and some are already committed to entering Financial University.

I have never dreamt of such an opportunity to be given to our students — to study at such a prestigious university, though remotely

Adriana Lauffova

Lecturers from the Department of Foreign Languages Anna Torosyan and Nina Kozlovtseva also participated in the event and noted that the students are really motivated to study and wished them success in the future.

"I want to thank the Financial University for this opportunity. This is a very valuable experience for all of us. I can say that all students liked this program very much", says Shimon Kapusta.

All graduates of the program, first of all, noted the importance of practicing foreign languages and also thanked the Financial University for organising the training program online. Though everyone is dreaming of joining this program offline in Moscow.