1 Декабря 2020

World Hello Day

November 23, 2020, Group ПФ-7 from the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty held a session dedicated to World Hello Day.

Greeting each other is the oldest tradition. Each nation has its own customs, which change over the years, acquire new meanings or lose the old ones.

During the class, the students discussed the greetings used in Russia, as well as the differences between “Вы” /Vy/ and “Ты” /Ty/, “Привет” /Privet/ and “Здравствуйте” /Zdravstvujte/.

The students shared greetings in their languages: Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and French, and also taught each other how to greet in their native language. It was very exciting! 

Now the students now know how to greet people from many countries.