27 Ноября 2020

FinU Students Win the Tennis Tournament PIUT@HOME 2020 CHALLENGES

The PCU Committee, which brings together 300 university sports clubs based on the international sports platform Panathlon International, announced the results of the tennis competition PIUT@HOME 2020 CHALLENGES.

The FinU athletes performed successfully in all three categories of this prestigious event:

1. In the Racket Challenge, Sergey Samohvalov took the the third place (group МЕН20-3, Higher School of Management);
2. In the Frame Challenge, Timofey Amelin was the winner (group ПМ20-5, Faculty of IT and Big Data Analysis); the third prize was awarded to Daniil Burnashov (group МС19-2, Higher School of Management);
3. In the Federer Challenge, Alexander Vanyakin got the bronze medal (group П19-4, Faculty of Social Sciences and Mass Communications).

It should be also noticed that Darya Proletkina from group ИБ20-3 and Valentin Filipenko from group ПМ20-6 were just a step away from the victory. 

Congratulations to the FinU athletes and winners of the PIUT@HOME 2020 CHALLENGE!