18 Ноября 2020

Interests of Today’s Youth: What is the Reason for the Generation Gap?

November 13, 2020, students from the Pre-University Training Faculty discussed some interests of today’s youth during their online class. 

The students have a lot of interests: sports (football, basketball, swimming, running), IT technology, reading, cinematography, and music. 

It was nice to know that the modern generation, raised "with a telephone in their hand", the so-called Generation Z, likes to read, not just loves, but reads historical, political and other books of different genres

Deputy Dean for Educational Work Ekaterina Popova

The interest in the Internet can be explained and is logical, the classes are now organised online, that is why foreign trainees spend a lot of time surfing the Internet for good reasons. 

The students shared that their parents had always supported their hobbies. The older generation has a good understanding of computers, and they try to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Thus, it is noticeable that the current generation in many ways influences Generation Y, their parents, and, therefore, it is not possible to consider the modern generation as "lost", as is accepted among many specialists.