18 Ноября 2020

International Day of Tolerance

November 16, 2020, an online lecture dedicated to the International Day of Tolerance was held at the FinU Pre-University Training Faculty.

For foreign citizens, the issue of tolerance has always been one of the most pressing. Students come from different countries and, therefore, from different cultures, worlds, religions.

Thus, it is of vital importance to raise the question of tolerance, and the younger generation should be taught to respect different nationalities. 

As a rule, a conversation on this topic begins with a presentation of different peoples of Russia. The Russian Federation is the most multi-ethnic country where not only different nationalities but also religions were born and live. 

Here it is necessary to explain the differences between such concepts as "russkiy" and "rossiskiy".  

At the end of the lesson the students named such Russian celebrities as Habib Nurmagomedov, Maria Sharapova, and Alexander Ovechkin.