11 Ноября 2020

Rector Mikhail Eskindarov, "The diploma must be issued as a birth certificate stating that one has received a degree".

The statement of Dmitry Peskov, the Russian President’s Special Representative for Digital and Technological Development, that diplomas of higher education should be issued for a certain period of time, because knowledge can become obsolete, has astonished a lot of people.

"Moskovskiy Komsomolets" investigated whether Russians could get diplomas with an expiry date like food.

"Diplomas will stay, but they will have to migrate to the format "a diploma on demand", which shows the current state of your knowledge and competences", shares Dmitry Peskov, the Director of "Young Professionals" of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). Apart from that, the practice of issuing diplomas "for the rest of life", in his opinion, is delirium, and it is better to issue them with "some given interval of time when they are valid". In simple words, people who studied, for example, 30 years ago, have forgotten everything and cannot be  considered to be good specialists, "Who told you that he did not forget 95% of what he had actually learned there?", explained Dmitry Peskov.


Mikhail Eskindarov, the Rector of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, told us about his position.

"I absolutely cannot support Dmitry Peskov’s proposal. Unfortunately, a lot of people now want to turn higher education into a club, and before Peskov, there were various proposals, even to cancel exams, cancel diplomas, and now Peskov is offering us to issue them for a period of time. Both are completely out of touch with reality. There are other tools, for example, professional communities, that evaluate people’s skills. And a diploma must be issued to a person as a birth certificate stating that he has a degree. One changes his professional sphere several times during his career. For instance, take our financial and credit sphere, today he is working at the bank, and tomorrow he wants to be an auditor. In this case, one must certify his professional literacy to the Association of Auditors. Studying is a lifelong experience. And every time, along with his diploma, he has to prove his professional training. In addition to professional communities, he can be assessed by the employer during the interview, and so on. And the diploma is a sacred document".