19 Октября 2020

EY Invites You to Attend Online Lectures on IFRS

EY invites students of the Financial University under the Government of the Rusiian Federation to attend an online series of lectures on IFRS.

Managers and partners of the EY Department of Audit Services, who have extensive experience in working with Russian and international companies in various sectors of the economy, will be organising the course.

WHEN? October 29 — December 3, every Thursday, 17.30-20.30

WHERE? Online platform


1. Introduction to IFRS. Overview of the concept of IFRS;
2. Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets;
3. Impairment of assets;
4. Revenue. Stocks. DPKO;
5. Business Combinations and Goodwill Devaluation;
6. Financial instruments;
7. Lease.

Students who pass the final test successfully, will receive certificates from EY. 

To sign up for the lectures, please register at: https://anketolog.ru/ey_ifrs_financial_university