8 Октября 2020


Financial University is hosting an online Career Day on October 29.  This online event will be organised on the FinU platform to promote the employment of students and alumni and to strengthen and expand cooperation with employers.

Representatives from government entities, leading Russian and international companies and banks are participating in the event. Participants of the event are students and alumni not only from the Financial University but also from other universities of Moscow. 

You can join:

1. Zoom broadcasts;
2. Virtual stands;
3. Online webinars and master classes.

The event will provide an opportunity:

1. To meet representatives of leading organisations;

2. To communicate with HR specialists online and ask questions;

3. To participate in online webinars and master classes;

4. To learn about trends in the labour market and job characteristics in various areas;

5. To send an HR Manager your CV;

6. To get an online career planning and development counselling.

Registration is obligatory to all participants.

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