28 Сентября 2020

Russian as a Foreign Language

Financial University has been granted free access to electronic educational resources for foreign students studying Russian as a foreign language, which are now available at: http://library.fa.ru/resource.?aspid=850

Russian as a Foreign Language is a unique project from IPR MEDIA and Russkiy Mir Foundation aimed at popularising the Russian language, helping foreign students learn the language in Russian educational organisations, and children being raised in a bilingual environment.

This project has been launched on the basis of a unique collection of Russian as a Foreign Language in EBS IPR BOOKS. Within the framework of the project, a unique library of educational and scientific literature is being assembled for foreign students and all those wishing to study Russian.

The RFL  Platform from IPR MEDIA platform is more than a knowledge base in linguistics, phonetics and speech development. On the basis of the electronic library system IPR BOOKS, there exists a collection of fiction and professional literature for foreign students studying Russian, as well as for people from Russia and abroad who are interested in the Russian language, culture, traditions and history of Russia. Professional activities and interactive learning formats are being developed on the basis of the project. The RFL project is also helping to build a specialised knowledge base.

The specialised collection includes textbooks and teaching aids of the specialised publishing houses "Zlatoust", "Russian language. Courses", books by IPR MEDIA , "University Education", and etc.

The RFL platform is regularly updated with the materials of publishers participating in the project for developing the export potential of the Russian educational system.