21 Сентября 2020

2020 Changes in Admissions Rules

September 17, the Ministry of Education and Science announced the new approved rules of higher educational institutions admissions. The changes will be also applied to bachelor’s, specialist’s, and master’s degrees, and will come into effect starting from the academic year 2021/22. The main idea of this novelty is, on the one hand, to expand the rights of universities in admitting  students, and, on the other hand, to allow students to have room for manoeuvre.

If applicants themselves choose their entrance exams, it is quite normal," stated Rector of the Financial University Mikhail Eskindarov to "Moscow Komsomolets”. “To confirm this, I would like to point out the program “State Municipal Administration”. In some universities, three subjects of the Unified State Exam, i.e. mathematics, social studies, and Russian, are accepted as entrance exams. And some universities substitute mathematics with history. That is why, if we give an applicant a choice between history or math, it would be a good opportunity. Students have to sign up for the USE no later than February 1. During this time, they may change their preferences. Now they have a better chance of getting into the chosen program of studies".

The fact that universities will be able to decide for themselves which exams to establish for admissions is also a good trend: "The university has a better understanding of what requirements are needed in a particular field of training. However, the problem of establishing the number of programs that an applicant can apply to is quite challenging", thinks the Rector.

I don’t think it’s very sensible to increase the number of programs an applicant will be allowed to apply to. I think it would be enough to keep three programs as it is right now. And if I had a chance, I would even reduce this number to two. You still have to focus on specific areas! However, I also understand those who speak of 10 programs of study

Mikhail Eskindarov, Rector of the Financial University

Today, higher educational institutions are gradually moving towards the 2+2+2 system, which assumes that while doing a bachelor’s degree, after the second year of studies, a student can choose other areas of training than what he or she was admitted to. For example, a student studies Economics and then he/she wants to move to Management. Students should be allowed to do so, and therefore, the increase to a maximum of 10 programs of studies is understandable. But I still think that today’s three programs of studies are quite sufficient”.

"The right of applicants to change their applications, which have already been submitted, has long existed at our university. The main thing is that they have to report their final decision within the prescribed time frame. Today one wants to be a financier, tomorrow an economist, the day after tomorrow a sociologist, and then finally a political scientist. Well, please! And we’ve been updating the student lists for the last three or four years every 40 minutes. And by the way, they are very happy with that. It’s a so-called pre-admission when an applicant sees his/her place, where he/she is and what his/her chances of being admitted are. If one is nervous and wants to see the list not once, but five times, feel free to do so. That's good. That's good for the applicant. I am all for it!"

I believe it’s good that the second wave was cancelled. But there is still no information on the winners of the Olympiads. And today, the winners of the Olympiads are enrolled before the general admissions. In general, I am quite satisfied with the absence of the second wave of admissions, as we have been doing that for the last 15 years. There’s no point in running between three or five universities!