17 Сентября 2020

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Until 2017, the Museum had a collection of copies of coins reflecting the history of monetary circulation from VI B.C. to the beginning of the XX century. In September 2017, a new exposition was opened which illustrates the main stages of the domestic history of finance from the beginning of the XX century up to the present moment. 

The exposition is based on authentic items which reflect the history of monetary circulation in Russia: purses, coins, stationery, books, photographs, securities, banknotes of Tsarist Russia dating back to the beginning of the XIX century, treasury marks of the Provisional Government, paper banknotes of the Whiteguard governments during the Russian Civil War, Soviet banknotes of the RSFSR, currency marks of the USSR and modern Russia.

The social media pages of the Museum of Finance contain materials on important events in the history of finance, as well as documents, photographs and videos.