16 Сентября 2020

All-Russian Economic Dictation

October 7, 10.00, the All-Russian educational action “All-Russian Economic Dictation” will take place in all regions of Russia. 

This year, the event will take place online. If you want to become a participant, register at www.diktant.org.

The dictation is organised by the Russian Free Economic Society and the International Union of Economists with the participation of the Financial University and leading universities of Russia, administrations of subjects of the Russian Federation, and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The event will be held for the fourth time, attracting more participants each year. In 2019, the dictation was written by more than 100,000 people in all regions of Russia and in four foreign states, practically twice as many as in 2017.

Anyone can write the dictation, it is not necessary to excel in navigating economics textbooks, general knowledge is more than enough. Although some questions in Economic History of our country may require additional preparation. That is why, educational materials on the Economics of the Great Victory, as well as the history of the Russian Free Economic Society of Russia, which celebrates 255 years since its foundation, are published in social media in Vkontakte and Facebook.

On the basis of the dictation, a statistical analysis will be made. Its results will make it possible to estimate the level of economic literacy of the whole population, as well as regions of Russia in particular. In addition, practical recommendations will be drawn to improve economic education at schools and higher educational institutions.

You will not only test your knowledge, if you participate in the dictation, but also you will enjoy a fascinating process that contributes to the growth of economic competences, which are particularly crucial in the post-pandemic and post-crisis era.