14 Сентября 2020

FinU Maintains Its Position in the Integrum Ranking

In 2020, active presence in social networks and mass media shapes the image of the university in the eyes of students and students. All platforms struggle to lure more subscribers: Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The agency analysed the official accounts of universities in social networks, studied “social” indicators (the number of likes, comments, reposts, retweets, etc.), and checked the presence of fake subscribers. With the help of a comprehensive analysis of all quantitative indicators, a rating of the 15 most popular higher educational establishments in Russia was compiled. 

There have been some changes in the top three universities since last year. Financial University and Moscow State University maintained the first place. Higher School of Economics became third, rising by 2 places.

In 2020, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI jumped by 8 points. In terms of the number of subscribers, the university surpassed even Moscow State Institute of International Relations. The university has managed to attract over 150,000 subscribers to YouTube  and become the leader on this platform.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations lost its positions and became the 5th.

The most notable decline occurred with the Urals Federal University. It dropped by 6 points, ending in the 12th place. 

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology also lost its position: it ended the last in the ranking dropping by 5 points.

The rating was prepared using the ISMI index which is calculated using the Integrum Social Media system.

The ranking takes into account:

1. The number of subscribers in social networks;
2. The quality of the content;
3. The number of references in the media;
4. Interaction with subscribers;
5. Presence / lack of bots in discussions;
6. References to top bloggers in publications;
7. The ratio of positive to negative feedback