7 Сентября 2020

Publishing Company Wiley Offers Webinars for Researchers and Students (September 15–16)

September 15. Webinar: "How to write a good article for an international journal".
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Have you tried to publish your article in an international journal?

Do you want to know what to pay attention to while writing a scientific article and why a cover letter is required?

If you do, join us for a free webinar, where Wiley’s publisher Natalia Kalitseva will explain you how to improve your text structure, what perception features should be taken into account when distributing material by section, and what peculiarities you need to know about writing a scientific article in a foreign language.

On the agenda:
– Annotation and title writing;
– Grammar and style issues;
– Advice on reducing sentences;
– Effective use of key words;
– All participants will receive certificates.

September 16, 2020. Webinar “Review and Ethics: How to Speed up the Publication Process".
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Despite recent discussions, reviewing of scientific articles remains central to publishing and disseminating scientific research. Publishers and editors are responsible for ensuring fair and ethical conduct, and authors should understand that their manuscript is improved by peer review. At the webinar, Wiley’s publisher Natalia Kalitseva will tell you about the reviewing process and the main ethical principles that should guide authors.

On the agenda:
– Foundations of the reviewing process and common models;
– What reviewers are looking for;
– Why articles are declined;
– Your ethical duties as an author;
– Penalties for unethical conduct;
– Advice on solving ethical problems in a scientific publication;
– All participants will receive certificates.