3 Сентября 2020

FinU Students Became Ambassadors of Mail.Ru Group

The Mail.ru Group announced the list of new participants of the programme “Mail.Ru Group Ambassadors”. During the academic year 2020/21, 49 students, PhD students, and teachers are going to represent the company in their universities. At the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Mail.Ru Group will be represented by undergraduate students Daniil Korolev, Tina Akopyan and Maria Shevelkova.

The main task of the ambassadors is to tell students about the IT industry, products and services of the company, educational opportunities, as well as prospects of working in the Mail.Ru Group. The students will organise educational activities in their higher educational institutions on behalf of the company. There will be an opportunity to attend various lectures, webinars, and other events.

This year, Mail.ru Group ambassadors will appear in 12 cities and 31 universities. A total of 3,500 applications have been submitted for the programme. Two participants from the previous year took part in the selection process and successfully passed it. This year they will continue to perform their ambassadorial activities. Among the new ambassadors there are students of different ages, 19 of those are first-year students. University staff, the oldest of who is 33 years old, is also participating in the programme.

The multiple-stage selection included assignments ranging from videoclips and a company fact-finding test to an intensive two-month education programme that included webinars from leading staff from various business units and top managers of the Mail.ru Group.

The programme will help students develop communicative, management and flexibility skills. Students will try themselves as representatives of a large IT company while studying at the university with an opportunity to realise their own ideas and projects. Participants will be able to learn from the company’s experts, and some will subsequently work with the Mail.ru Group team, as happened with 17 participants of the last set who have completed a summer internship in the company’s business units after they finished being ambassadors.

The complete list of “Mail.ru Group Ambassadors”: https://corp.mail.ru/ru/press/releases/10713/