2 Сентября 2020

First Day at the Financial University

A new academic year has begun at the Financial University.

Rector Mikhail Eskindarov congratulated all students and teachers on this wonderful holiday — Knowledge Day. 

"This is a special holiday, and I sincerely wish you good luck".

The first classes have already started today. The welcome lecture for the freshmen of the Faculty of International Economic Relations was given by Mikhail Alexeev, the Dean of the International Economic Relations Faculty, the Chairman of the Board of the UniCredit Bank, and a distinguished alumnus of the Financial University. Mr Alexeev told students about the history of the university, future studies, career prospects and trends of modern education, and shared some personal experiences.

Alexander Linnikov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, also welcomed the freshmen, and expressed confidence that the Faculty of International Economic Relations would become the foundation of the overall growth, new achievements, as well as would continue to preserve Financial University traditions.

Today, the first meetings of first-year students and faculty coordinators took place. Lina, a student from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Mass Communication, noted that the coordinators had always been in touch and helped her solve a lot of issues. She said that her first day of school had been very rich and interesting. "I’ve been waiting for my face-to-face classes, because this is the only way to get absorbed into student life, meet your groupmates and faculty", adds Lina.

Please note that due to the restrictive measures taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, students must wear masks during their and, if possible, maintain a social distance of 1,5m!