23 Августа 2020

Correspondence, Part-Time or International Students: How Will They Study in the New Academic Year in Russia?

“If there are no new decrees by the Moscow Mayor, Financial University under the Government of Russia will start its studies in the traditional format in September”, shares Vice Rector for Marketing and Admissions Svetlana Brychovskaya.

– We are currently purchasing personal protective equipment and thermometers, so that we could start classes offline. Unfortunately, no mass events are planned for Freshman Day. International students fall into two categories: those who are currently in Russia or can enter it without any problems, and those who are in the countries which they cannot leave yet. For those who are in Russia, we have fewer of them, as for everyone else, we organise face-to-face classes, and they will study in groups. But for those who cannot come, we’ll organise special groups, and they will study online.

– Will it affect the paying fee?

– It won’t affect the paying fee for the students, although it will increase costs for us, because we will assign individual teachers to them, who will organise classes.

– And all the rest and correspondence students will still attend anyway?

– Correspondence students only pass exams, so they have to come to the first examination session only in February. Part-time students will continue following the curriculum and will study in the evening.