23 Апреля 2020

FinU Open Doors Day

April 22-23, 2020 within the framework of the Open Doors Day, an online presentation "Academic Mobility and Double Diploma Programmes" as well as an online consultation of foreign applicants were organised at the Financial University.

April 22, within the framework of the Open Doors Day, an online presentation "Academic Mobility and Double Diploma Programmes" was organised at the Financial University.  

Applicants and their parents were welcomed by Alexander Linnikov, Vice Rector for International Cooperation.

During the presentation, Head of the International Cooperation Office Lilia Prikhodko shared some information on the international educational programmes offered by the Financial University, i.e. summer language schools of MLS International College and LSI Portsmouth in the UK, exchange studies and double diploma programs. In addition, applicants were able to learn more about the scholarship programmes and grants of the Financial University.

23 April, an online consultation for foreign applicants was held, during which Alexander Linnikov presented the Pre-University Training Faculty of the Financial University and told in details about the current Russian language programs and courses for foreign students. Moreover, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation emphasised the importance of extracurricular activities organised for students. 

Despite the current situation, the FinU educational activities continue. Classes at the Pre-University Training Faculty are organised online through such platforms as Skype, MS Teams and Zoom. The online system of the Financial University allows foreign students to continue their studies, to do their home assignments, and to be actively involved in the social life of our university

Alexander Linnikov

Head of the International Student and Visiting Professor Department Anatoly Kislyakov spoke on the adaptation programme for foreign students.

"Currently, more than 1.5 thousand foreign students from 65 countries are studying at the Financial University. This adaptation program allows foreign students to integrate more quickly into the educational process, to feel comfortable in the unfamiliar environment and to find new friends," says Anatoly Kislyakov.

As part of the adaptation programme, Financial University provides migration and visa assistance.

In addition, there are various activities aimed at developing students culturally such as "Dialogue of Cultures", "Speed Friending», and "Meeting of Leaders". 

Anatoly Kislakov also noted the project "International Student Ambassador".  It authorizes foreign students to represent the Financial University in their country and to share opportunities offered by the Financial University. 

In addition, applicants were able to know more about various student creative groups, interest clubs, sports groups and the FinU Student Research Society.