14 Апреля 2020


Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced the tightening restrictions due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Starting from 13 April, Moscow will begin to introduce electronic permits due to the increase in violations of the stay-at-home regime and worsening of the epidemiological situation, in particular the rapid increase in the number of infected.

People using private cars, taxis or public transport, will have to get a digital pass indicating the purpose of their travel. The number of permits available will be limited, except for unlimited passes for work trips.

"Until now self-isolation has been introduced in Moscow. Electronic passes will be introduced next week. At first, for trips to work, and then, if necessary, for movement within the district", announced Sergey Sobyanin, promising to provide additional information on the dates of introducing each of the steps.

Permits will be inspected by the authorities responsible for controlling the movement of citizens, and the pass number will be checked on the official tablet in the presence of the permit holder.

A number of additional bans and restrictions on activities of urban organisations are introduced in Moscow from 13 to 19 April:

1. Activities of all enterprises and organisations is suspended, other than of state authorities, medical organisations, specialised retail facilities selling health care and optical/ophthalmological products or equipment and pet products, manufacturers of personal protective equipment and key defense companies, space, nuclear industries and critical infrastructure. 

Grocery stores and other retail outlets that are open today continue to operate.

All organisations should reduce the number of employees present at work as much as possible. 

The remaining staff members will start working remotely or will have non-working hours.

2. Construction or renovation works are suspended, except construction of medical facilities, as well as  building and maintaining of metro, railway road, public transport and airports.

3. Carsharing services are suspended.

4. The provision of healthcare services by organisations and individual businesses, for which this type of activity is not the main.

5. Urban budget contracts for all purchases are suspended other than urgent ones.

Decree of the Mayor of Moscow: 'On amendments to the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow of March 5, 2020 No. 12-UM'.