6 Апреля 2020

FinU Students Comment on Distance Learning

Each student at least once in their life had a though of how nice it would be to stay at home, not go anywhere, and attend classes remotely using modern technologies. Indeed, what can be better: you are at home working on your laptop, listening to lectures and drinking coffee, with your cat purring nearby. Really, what can be better?
But this beautiful high-tech tomorrow suddenly came today, and the harsh reality was far from the ideal images in Instagram.

 FinU students share what it is like to study online.

Alexander Shevchenko,  2nd year student from the Faculty of Public Administration and Financial Control, Chairman of the Student Council of the Faculty

“Switching to distance learning was not so difficult. I had no problems in learning how to use software for distance learning. 

I am really thankful to the Student Council, which fostered moving to online training and ensured dissemination of information. The Council tried to work as quickly and qualitatively as possible in such a difficult situation.

The most difficult thing for me is staying at home. Already a  week has passed, but it feels as if much more. Again, life within four walls and the minimum of movement speak for themselves. The Groundhog Day. 

Through, there are also some positive moments. I save time on commuting and can afford to sleep longer. When you listen to the lectures at home in a comfortable environment, you perceive the information much better. 

But we all feel that the workload has increased, as the volume of home assignments has grown. The main disadvantage is that many people still cannot adapt to distance learning.

This transition was a necessity, otherwise everything could have been much worse for the students. So, it is good that we quickly moved online. However, some things are to be improved, of course”.

Naira Kusraeva, 1st year student from the Faculty of Finance and Economics

“Everything was quite difficult. There is only one advantage, you save you time not going to the university.

I had to download a large number of additional programs to my PC. It became more difficult to communicate with the teacher, as it is not always possible to explain what isn’t working. I still would like to stress that the university management group is doing their best to make the distance learning process as comfortable as possible”.

Alexandra Rechkina, 1st year student from the Faculty of Law

"Moving classes online  was not particularly stressful for me. If we talk about the technical side of the question, it was easy for me, as I was preparing online for the Russian State Exam, and this format was very convenient. There was no need to master any new programs. 

Another benefit is that you save a lot of time, because you don't need to spend hours each day commuting to and from the university. 

One of the positive moments for me is that now it is not possible to sit doing nothing in the last row. Everyone is preparing for the seminars.  

Of course, there are some disadvantages as well. First, the volume of home tasks has increased dramatically. Secondly, teachers do not always choose a convenient format for lectures and seminars. 

Finally, I do not see my favourite groupmates, and it is very frustrating for me!

It seems to me that distance learning is something modern, convenient, and fast. It is possible that this is not quite qualitative, but if we continue working on it, everything will be great. Now I have a neutral attitude to studying online. The main aim has not changed, as who wants to study, they do, no matter whether these are face-to-face or online classes. Everything depends on the student himself/herself. But I really want to go back to the university!"

Nikita Akatov, 1st year student from the Faculty of Taxes and Taxation

“At first, it was difficult to switch to studying online and the organisation was not perfect. Now everything is alright. And I would like to point out that with some teachers you even do not notice that you are having classes online. Personally for me it’s easier to study from home and I distribute my time more effectively”.

Aida Abduragimova, 1st year student from the Faculty of Finance and Economics

“It wasn’t difficult for me to move to distance learning, because a laptop and a computer make your life easier. I don't waste time going to the university and I can enjoy a snack during the classes. But there are much more home tasks! It seems to me that it is sometimes impossible to do all tasks assigned on time.

If we speak about the constant form of training, I’d stick to the traditional face-to-face classes. Live communication with teachers and groupmates cannot be substituted by anything!”

Dmitry Sokolovsky, student of the 1st year of the Faculty of Faculty of Public Administration and Financial Control

“I don’t like to study online, the usual format seems to me to be the best option. But there is no other way out in the current situation. We need to develop a system of online lectures and seminars and, of course, support each other.

I miss chatting with my classmates, and I hope that everything will soon settle down and we will be able to return to the university.”

Kristina Neklydova, student of the 1st year of the Faculty of Faculty of Public Administration and Financial Control

“I switched to distance learning without any problems, because I’ve already had such experience. Of course, all the advantages are obvious: you save time and study in comfortable home conditions. However, there are many technical and organisational problems, because this transition was spontaneous and it was not easy for all teachers to switch to distance learning."

Alsu Harisova, 1st year student from the Faculty of Economics and Finance of the Fuel and Energy Sector

"To be honest, I cannot say right now what is my attitude to moving online, there are both advantages and disadvantages. You need to adhere to specific time, it is quite inconvenient if you need to do something urgently not connected to your studies (such situations will always happen until you study in a "self-isolated" environment), and here your teacher already marks your absence.  If we were given an opportunity to do some amount of work during the day, and the results were simply sent later, it would be ideal. Yet, while I am more tired after the day of distance learning than after the day of ordinary in-person classes."

Anastasia Orlova, 1st year student from the Faculty of Finance and Economics

"In general, switching to distance learning was not as easy as it seemed to me at first. It’s inconvenient to study some subjects online. It’s impossible to do practical assignments. After sitting the whole day at the computer, my eyes get really tired”.

Julia Luneva, 1st year student from the the Faculty of Financial Markets

"Initially, it seemed to me that it would be great to study at home and not go anywhere. My kitchen, my sofa, and all facilities are nearby. At the beginning, everything looked optimistic and simple. All the difficulties were ahead. I have to spend a lot of time at the computer (my back hurts, my eyes get tired, and you are constantly in four walls, you do not see the world). Our home assignments have increased and we have less free time.

I don’t like studying online and want to return to the university as soon as possible!”