FinU has once again become one of the pioneers in the field of innovation. On March 04, 2023, a Cyber Tournament with the use of virtual reality technologies was held for the first time at the FinU. The organizers were the CYBERHUB Center and the FinU Continuing Education Center.​

The 1st FinU VR Cyber Tournament was held in 2 formats at once: a rating tournament as part of the Spartakiad and free games for everyone.

8 teams from each faculty and college took an active part in the sports contest of the FinU, and 7 teams took part in the free competition. The total number of participants in the tournament exceeded 60 people. Due to the Tournament sponsors – the FinU Alumni Association – the prize-winning teams and winners received valuable gifts, with a complex lunch included in the dining room of the 51 building.

The award ceremony was conducted by an employee of the CyberHUB Center, Grigory Ivanov. Presenting valuable prizes of sponsors, as well as medals and the winner’s cup, Grigory Ivanov concluded the event with a speech, where he thanked all students for their participation and interest in VR cyber sports, and also expressed hope for further students’ enthusiasm for the events of the CyberHUB Center.

This event formed the basis for the further continuation of VR cyber sports development, as well as the introduction of Figital games into the activities of the CyberHUB Center.

Results of the Cyber Sports VR Spartakiad

First place - Faculty of Law (19 points)

Second place - College of Computer Science (17 points)

Third place - Faculty of Social Sciences and Mass Communication (16 points)

4th place - Faculty of Information Technology and Big Data Analysis (15 points)

5th place - Faculty of International Economic Relations (12 points)

6th place - Faculty of Taxes, Audit and Business Analysis (12 points)

7th place - Faculty of Economics and Business (11 points)

8th place - Faculty of Finance (10 points)

9th place - Higher School of Management (absent)

Results of the Free Competition in Cyber Sports VR




Team No. 5 (103 points):

  • Roman Butin 
  • Igor Zhurkin 
  • Gleb Kovshov
  • Polina Gorinova 


Team No. 6 (90 points):

  • Dmitry Belyaev
  • Arseniy Nesterov
  • Vladimir Korolkov
  • Margarita Rubleva 


Team No. 7 (62 points):

  • Kirill Rasvin 
  • Rasul Nazaramaev ​
  • Vyacheslav Ivanov 
  • Andrey Koryagin


Beat Saber


Polina Gorinova (210515 points)


Anastasia Bursova (174431 points)


Karina Romanova (164842 points)