15 November 2022

First Open Lecture on Aurora OS program Held at FinU

The Aurora OS developers held an open lecture for FinU students of the Faculty of Information Technology and Big Data Analysis. The lecture was devoted to the first domestic mobile operating system Aurora, its technological features and the mobile applications’ development. 


In a specially organized demo zone, where various smartphones and tablets with Aurora OS were presented, the event guests talked with the Open Mobile Platform company developers and formed their own opinion about the project. 


Now all FinU students can join the Aurora OS beta testing program, beta program participants will receive devices and the opportunity to be the first to get acquainted with new versions of Aurora family products - this is not only an operating system, but also a set of basic applications, access to Aurora Market and all community activities. By participating in the program, students will be able to try their hand and improve their skills in developing applications on the Aurora platform, publish their applications and receive feedback from other participants. The most active students received devices with Aurora OS right at the open lecture and have already taken the first steps in the beta community. 


“It is important to introduce promising domestic software and hardware solutions, unique mobile platforms in a secure design into the educational environment. Today they are used in closed circuits, enterprises of the military-industrial circuit, federal ministries and departments, and corporate environments. These are IT solutions for specialized tasks with the use of qualified electronic signatures in secure communication networks on mobile devices, tablets. The solution of many production and analytical tasks in a secure mobile version was previously impossible. Our goal is to introduce into the scientific and practical environment of the FinU and its branches a set of technological tools on secure mobile platforms that can be integrated with various systems: the Internet of Things, robotics. Today we are launching a program in cooperation with the Open Mobile Platform company with the introduction of the FinU into the educational environment,” said Grigory Ostapenko, Vice-Rector for Digitalization of the FinU.


 “The development of cooperation with educational institutions has always been a priority for our company and the creation of a joint program with the FinU is an extremely important step for the development not only of our Aurora platform, but also for the entire Russian mobile development and technology market. I am sure that the FinU site will become not only a center for training qualified developers, but also a full participant in the construction of the growing Aurora ecosystem,” comments Alexey Kogan, Director of Strategic Development at Open Mobile Platform. 


Open Mobile Platform


The Open Mobile Platform company develops and promotes the first Russian mobile operating system Aurora and the Aurora Center mobile device management platform. 


The Aurora OS and the Aurora Center platform form a trusted and secure mobile environment for corporate and government customers, ensuring secure access of employees to information systems. The customer can independently centrally manage employees’ devices and terminals. The mobile operating platform allows you to create flexible industry solutions to meet the requirements of a specific customer.




Mobile Solutions Lab


At the end of the open lecture, plans were also announced to create a Mobile Solutions Laboratory together with an Open Mobile Platform at the Faculty of Information Technology and Big Data Analysis of the FinU. In addition to the educational and scientific direction, the laboratory will also become a platform through which it will be possible to get into various internship programs at the OMP company. 


Students and teachers can already leave applications and suggestions for work in the laboratory by e-mail: auroraos@fa.ru