14 November 2022

FinU Celebrates Day of Secondary Vocational Education

On November 9, 2022, a concert dedicated to the Day of Secondary Vocational Education was held at the FinU. Stanislav Prokofiev, Rector of the FinU, congratulated the guests – students, faculty and alumni of FinU colleges, heads of partner colleges and representatives of the professional community.

“I congratulate you on a new holiday – the Day of Secondary Vocational Education. I am convinced that it is during the transformation of the economy and the introduction of new management tools that secondary vocational education acquires a special role. Its demand is very high today: college students receive relevant specialties for the modern labor market, can continue their education or develop in the professional field,” said the Rector.

Stanislav Prokofiev noted that the FinU pays special attention to the TVET system development, interaction and experience exchange and best practices between the university and colleges, so that students can master professions using the most advanced and relevant technologies. The Rector added that more than 12 thousand students receive secondary vocational education in Moscow and FinU branches.

“We are proud of the teachers who train highly qualified specialists, our students and appreciate your contribution to the FinU development,” Stanislav Prokofiev concluded his speech.

Viktor Demin, President of the Russian Union of Directors of Secondary Specialized Educational Institutions, addressed the event participants with a welcoming speech. In his speech, he noted the role of the FinU as a reference point in the formation and work of the professional community of secondary special education representatives. 

The honorary guest of the holiday was the honorary president of the FinU, an alumnus of the Moscow Financial College Alla Gryaznova.  She shared her memories of studying, communicating with teachers and the director. “The College of the FinU is my home and my family, I carried it through my whole life,” said Alla Gryaznova.   Addressing the students, she stressed that the college provides in-depth knowledge that will become the foundation for development in a professional and academic environment. Alla Georgievna noted the contribution of teachers who train real specialists, people of whom the country is proud. 

The floor was also given to the director of the College of Computer Science and Programming Nadezhda Demkina and the director of the Moscow Financial College Nikolai Zinevich. In their welcoming remarks, they noted that a modern college is a multidisciplinary educational organization that, interacting with partners, develops the system of vocational education, grows and moves forward. They also expressed their gratitude to the FinU administration, faculty and students for their well-coordinated work, the result of which is the demand for college alumni.

Creative teams and activists of the FinU performed for the guests of the holiday.