17 October 2022

“Leadership” Annual Field Training Session for Foreign Students

From October 7 to 9, 2022, Leadership, an annual field training session for foreign students was held at the Lesnoye Ozero Resort, organized by the International Students and Teachers Directorate in close cooperation with faculty of the Psychology and Human Capital Development Department, members of the FinU Student Council,  the Extracurricular Work Department, and the Social Work Department.

37 international students from Mongolia, Turkey, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Haiti, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece, Bahrain, and Mexico took part in the event.

The representatives of the Directorate have offered  a specialized program aimed at obtaining the knowledge and skills needed by foreign students to become future managers working in the financial and economic sphere. The program was successfully implemented in full format during the event. In particular, an open discussion was held with students on the concept of the “leaders typology”, a workshop “Island of Dreams” and  Marshmallow Duel were organized. Lectures and seminars gave our students a chance to identify and understand the principles of an effective leader, to gain basic skills of the management process consolidation, as well as to identify the main elements of strategic thinking, and to study modern world trends in profile topics.

The members of the Student Council conducted classes with students on adaptation to the new environment, studied the basic team building principles, their further consolidation, as well as worked out these skills in practice in an interactive mode. Students had the opportunity to try themselves in various sports activities aimed at strengthening team spirit.

At the end of the event at the certificate awarding ceremony, the students expressed gratitude for  organizing the trip and noted that they managed to develop leadership skills, find new friends, as well as relax, take a nature ride and have a good time.

The International Students and Teachers Directorate expresses appreciation to all participants for their active work!