17 October 2022

‘Building Future’, All-Russian Science Festival ‘Nauka 0+’ Held at FinU 

On October 8, 2022, the solemn ceremony of one of the largest social projects in science popularization – the XVII All-Russian Science Festival “Nauka 0+” – took place at the FinU. The theme of this year’s project is related to science and fundamental research sustainable development in Russia. For the sixth time, FinU has become the site of an educational festival, offering 140 thematic events at Moscow and regional branches. The festival events were held in a mixed format – some events were held in-person, the others were carried out  online.

The solemn ceremony was opened by Ekaterina Kameneva, FinU Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work.

“Today you have made your small step towards science. Albert Einstein used to say that there is always an element of poetry in real science – I wish you to be both scientists and poets good for experimenting, dreaming, and looking for something that will make our lives better and open up new horizons of knowledge. When a scientific project ends this way, we can talk about real science. I wish you good luck in this,” said Ekaterina Kameneva. In her welcoming speech, the Vice-Rector also cited the achievements of the world’s greatest scientists: Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, noting the variety of interests and branches of knowledge to which they contributed.

Ivan Griva, a member of the Expert Council for Culture of the Youth Parliament of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, was a special guest at the opening ceremony of the FinU science festival. In his welcoming speech, he noted the importance of the festival as a platform for acquaintance with different areas of scientific work, meetings with like-minded people, self-development and individual trajectory determination. Addressing the participants, Ivan Griva stressed that success in science is achieved by those who are not afraid of challenges and strive to reach new horizons, and  each young scientist continues the development of the scientific sphere with his research.

Yulia Gruzina, Deputy Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Head of the Scientific Student Society, welcoming the participants and guests of the project, noted that the All-Russian Science Festival opens a number of major scientific events at the FinU. Yulia Gruzina emphasized that science is an integral part of the educational process, and highlighted the opportunities the FinU provides for students for their implementation in the scientific field. She added that young people are increasingly interested in science, pointed out the new academic work formats for students that are being developed, and more than 300 academic events are held annually at the FinU.

“I wish you scientific progress, perseverance in achieving your goals and bright professional victories!” Yulia Gruzina concluded her congratulations.

Zalimgeri Gedgafov, chairperson of FinU Scientific Student Society, also welcomed the festival participants. He also stressed the importance of the event as a platform that introduces students to the trends of world and domestic science, and gives an opportunity to present the results of their own scientific activities, spoke in detail about the work of the Scientific Student Society and the prospects for its development, and introduced the chairpersons of FinU Departments’ scientific student societies.

The solemn ceremony was attended by FinU art teams: the drumming ensemble, the FinU choir, the “Frappe” dance studio, and the “FINMUSE” vocal ensemble to perform for the guests of the festival.

In the afternoon, panel discussions organized by the FinU faculties and departments began their work. The guests of the festival took part in business games, intellectual shows, inter-university tournaments, round tables, quizzes, master classes, panel discussions, workshops, quests, and case tournaments.

FinU also took an active part in the exhibition as part of the Science Festival at the grounds of the EXPOCENTRE.

The All-Russian Science Festival “NAUKA 0+” has provided an opportunity for young people to show their talents and develop scientific creativity, increase the prestige of the professions of a scientist and a teacher, demonstrate the latest scientific and technological achievements, the increasing role of science and education in the economic and cultural rise of the Russian society, as well as popularize the main directions of scientific and technological development in Russia.