28 September 2022

After Covid Break FinU International Forum Getting Back!

On November 22, FinU opens its doors to the guests of its forum for the seventh time. And there are more topics for discussion than ever. The global economy faces global changes. It is impossible to talk about a global economy subject to general regulation and fair competition. The real problems are in the energy and food markets, the collapse of logistics chains and, as a result, global inflation, and the alarming expectation of a severe global recession.

On the one hand, the Russian economy has shown its resilience before the sanctions. However, do the current events give chances for the return of the Russian economy to a phase of sustainable growth, or should we only think about minimizing the damage?

Brand new ideas are in demand more than ever. It is obvious that non-standard moves are needed in economic policy. Let's discuss them together. The FinU Forum, which has long been one of the main intellectual events of the autumn, will reopen its doors to members of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia, business representatives, the Russian Federation Federal Assembly parliamentarians, experts, academics, and journalists.

Welcome to join the Forum!


Learn more: http://forum.fa.ru/