8 September 2022

Happy Financier’s Day!

Dear colleagues! 

In the significant jubilee year of the 220th anniversary of the Ministry of Finance of Russia establishment, I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday – Financier’s Day!

Of course, a stable financial system, an efficient and balanced budget are integral components of the successful development and prosperity of the state. The contribution of financiers to solving the strategic tasks of modernizing the national economy, improving the welfare of our citizens and strengthening Russia’s authority in the international arena cannot be overestimated. Every day, in the rapidly changing situation in the global economy, financiers need to quickly solve the most complex professional tasks that require not only exceptional competence, but also outstanding personal qualities – responsibility, conscientiousness, the ability to think for the future and apply the latest digital technologies in their work. 

On this festive day, I sincerely wish all those who guard the financial security of our country and consider the profession of financier their vocation, good health, perseverance, optimism, prosperity, good luck in achieving their goals and new victories! 

Stanislav Prokofiev, Rector of the Financial University       

under the Government of the Russian Federation