1 August 2022

Youth as Future of Our Country and How We Influence Them Today

These days, not all students can independently overcome anxiety caused by the unknown future and stress due to exams, admission, relocation to calmly get to know the “new reality”, so they need help: professionals around them and prospects for personal growth. It is very important to simplify adaptation in a new environment, a student should receive complex knowledge.

To do this, the marathon “New Start” is launched on September 1. One of the projects, the main purpose is to inform first-year students about support measures at different levels from university to federal programs. The project implementation will help first-year students join a new team faster, learn about the possibilities to realize their own talent with the state support measures.

Grigory Gurov, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, told about this at a working meeting with representatives of higher education organizations on the measure implementation in youth policy and educational activities in 2022 in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

To help students build their personal career direction from the first year, career centers operate in many universities of the country. Their main goal is to form interaction between students and employers with coinciding expectations and reality of both sides. The emergence of the Expert Career Center was caused by the environmental change of career centers at universities today.

Daria Kozyreva, Head of the Expert Career Center, told at the meeting about the work organization, the future changes of the Expert Center, and subsequently the construction of career tracks for students.

Today, the work of the Expert Center is carried out in two important directions – analytical and project work. The task of the first one is to solve the workload problem of Career Centers and reduce the red tape amount, converting it into a digital format. This is essential to provide an opportunity to work in the main direction – promoting employment of students and alumni. The project direction of work, through the process of training employees of Career Centers and an acceleration program, forms new skills and competencies necessary for the modern, rapidly changing world. Now the number of career centers has grown from 139 to 500, and 127 universities are already using an acceleration program lasting 30 weeks.

“Our common task is to prepare the human resources potential of the country, and this is not just a challenge, but an opportunity to create the future of our city, region and the country as a whole. In a couple of years, we will see a new generation of teachers, doctors, IT specialists and other specialists who will create a professional community of our country. Today, for effective interaction between employers, students, and the university, it is important to use the digital platform “Faculty”. 466 universities, more than 451,000 active student users, 90,000 organizations are connected to the Faculty. The platform algorithms, which are based on the interests of students, help to form a professional track for the development of each young specialist, selecting specialized employers, favorable salary offers, training courses and webinars from top employers of the country and regions. Digital solutions are things which help students to form their career track and find their dream job”, said Daria Kozyreva.