6 July 2022

Create Your Own Startup

The Expert Council of the FinU and Rosbank competition “Create Your Own Startup”​ approved a list of 7 project teams that will pass to the next stage of the competition and will receive grants for their startup projects’ creation in the amount of 300,000 rubles each.


The selection of startup projects took place online on June 29 and 30, 2022. 22 project teams presented their startup projects to the expert council of the competition.


According to the selection results, the project teams of the following startup projects passed to the next stage of the competition:



Oleg Bayuk – scientific supervisor

Ilya Korzun

Vladimir Gorovoy

Andrey Mostachev

Philip Ilmukov

Danila Solodennikov

2. Foodsharing

Marina Rodionova – scientific supervisor

Marina Timofeeva

Alexandra Kumpan

Anatoly Dzyuba


Alexey Gubernatorov – scientific supervisor

Ruslan Ugarov

Anna Kireeva

Vladislav Rykov

Polina Kulikova

Ilya Kamanin

4. Device for elevator voice control

Yulia Gruzina – scientific supervisor

David Hakobyan

Ilshat Abdullin

Maxim Logachev

5. BakeUP

Olga Zakharova – scientific supervisor

Ilya Yakoban

Vitalina Volkova

Polina Yarkina

Daniil Kazantsev

6. Smetana

Frank Wende Detlef – Scientific Director

Malov Svyatoslav Olegovich

Alexey Maksimovich Ponomarev

Kukharev Vladislav Alexandrovich

7. Freshman

Vadim Vikharev – scientific supervisor

Victoria Zaichenko

Kirill Popov

Nikolay Vasilenko

Maria Kalinenko

Sofia Filippova

From July to November 2022, the project teams participating in the fifth stage of the competition will undergo additional training in the field of entrepreneurship, receive grants and will be engaged in the direct creation of their startup projects.

The results of the competition will be announced in November 2022. The finalist project teams will repeatedly address the expert council of the competition with a presentation of the work results on their startup projects. The Expert Council will determine the winners who will receive cash prizes from Rosbank.


FinU and Rosbank are holding a competition “Create Your Own Startup” among FinU students to participate in the Program "Promoting the Development of Startups and FinU students’ entrepreneurship, including those with disabilities, socially vulnerable groups (orphans)” for the second time in a row. The key goal of the competition is to create student startup projects that can assist in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The main coordinator of the competition is the Directorate of Career Development, Work with Alumni and partners.​