18 May 2022

Museum of the Financial University

The International Museum Day is celebrated on May 18th to unite public and private museum organizations around the globe, which conduct educational activities and organize useful and exciting leisure activities for millions of people. 

The history of this holiday dates back to the decision of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), adopted at the 11th general conference of the Council, which was held in Moscow and Leningrad in 1977. It was the Soviet delegation that proposed to establish a thematic holiday as a tool for popularizing museums as educational centers, and this idea was enthusiastically supported by foreign colleagues.

Already for 30 years, the International Museum Day has been held under the slogan reflecting the theme of the year in the International Council of Museums. In 2022, this is the “The Power of Museums”. The Council focuses on the broadest possibilities of museums in the field of sustainable development, digitalization, innovation, introduction to accessibility, and the formation of civil society through educational mechanisms.

Taking this opportunity, the Museum of Finance is pleased to announce that, following the principles of strengthening the role of museums in the educational process, the department has acquired a new structure: from this moment on, we are the Museum of the Financial University. The quantity and content of our expositions will also expand. Along with the main exposition “100 Years of Development of the Russian Financial System”,  the permanent exposition “History of the Financial University” will be opened, numerous temporary thematic expositions will be displayed in different campuses of the University. 

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