18 May 2022

Neurogame </be_Neuro>

On May 23-27, the Institute of Online Education invites you to take part in the neurogame </beNeuro>. You will get to know more about neural interfaces and software, have experience using neural headsets during neurogames aimed at meditation or concentration of attention, as well as learn how to self-diagnose cognitive processes. 

  The neurogame </beNeuro>  includes: 

An introductory online lecture (May 23, 19.00-20.30).
An online consultation from the organizers (May 24, 19.00).
Game development (May 24-25, free schedule).
Acceptance of ready-made projects of Neuro-games (May 26, until 12.00).
Summing up and announcement of winners (May 27, 16.00).
The event will be held in an online format, you can take part individually and in a group of up to 3 people.  

Hurry up! Register by filling out a questionnaire by May 16.
Try yourself as a developer of a game aimed at meditation or concentration of attention! 

Register here: https://vk.cc/cdCcQh