7 April 2022

How Marketing Research and Analytics Affect Business in Times of Crisis

In crisis situations, the main thing is the ability to quickly respond to changes and rebuild business processes. And the better the company understands the market, the product and the target audience, the faster the reaction to changes is. It is the marketing analyst who helps the business make key decisions and conducts research, determines growth points and forms a strategy for the development of the product and the company.


On April 7, at 19.00, as part of the open class “How marketing research and analytics affect business in times of a crisis”, we will learn:

  • what marketing research is and why companies are willing to pay for it: specific features of the market of marketing research and analytics and career prospects;
  • how marketing analysts help achieve business goals: what peculiarities strategic goals have  and why solving quick tasks does not always lead to the desired result;
  • how to optimize marketing in times of a crisis: what marketing tools will help businesses adapt and how to use them in their work.



  • Dmitry Tyurin – Associate Professor of the Department Logistics and Marketing  of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Executive Director of Tubar Trading; 
  • Olga Trushkova – Product Manager at myTracker analytics service;
  • Natalia Medvedeva – Producer of the master’s program “Food Marketing and Analytics” at Netology. 


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The class will be held within the framework of the joint master’s program “Product Marketing and Analytics” of the Financial University and Netology. 


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