7 April 2022

FinU Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Offers Online Courses in English and Russian

The faculty of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication of the Faculty of International Economic Relations offer a number of online courses in English and Russian. Online courses that are successfully applied in the educational process can also be taken independently. At the same time, you not only boost your level of English/Russian but also develop professional communication skills and gain and/or improve intercultural competence, which significantly increases your competitiveness in the modern labor market.


The advantages of online courses are:

• structured and up-to-date information;

• self-paced learning system;

• high accessibility for people with disabilities.


You can take the following online courses on the website of the Open Online Academy of the Financial University:


Intercultural Business Communication


Cultural Awareness at Workplace


The Basics of Business and Public Communication



And on the Federal portal “My education”.