30 March 2022

Mentoring Program “Students to High Schoolers”

Mentoring Program “Students to High Schoolers”
Charity Fund of AFK Sistema, invites students to join the educational program “Students to High Schoolers”, and learn how to be mentors and start a career.
With the help of experts from AFK Sistema, students will learn how:
to manage the team;
to set one’s goals correctly;
to distribute tasks;
to deal with objections;
to find a way out of any situation and to finalize large-scale projects.
Together with a group of high school students, the mentor-student will have to conduct a project from its idea to its defense.
The best participants will get cool merchandise and gifts from partner companies, and their mentors will be able to work at the sites of mobile laboratories “Elevator to the Future”, “Artek”, and “Ocean”. Also, the program participants will be interviewed for internship positions at AFK with a prospect of employment. The winners will have internships in the summer of 2022.
The application deadline is April 3. Follow the link to register: lift-bf.ru