30 March 2022

Generics on the Social Media Market

Soon after a number of foreign social networks were blocked, several teams of Russian developers joined the game instantly. They are hastily bringing new platforms to the market so that users from Russia can post photos of their trips, purchases, and cats.
Disclaimer: before installing any kind of software, make sure it is original. We do not recommend installing test versions without good reasons to trust the developers.
Rossgram is a sensational (in the last few weeks) project of Pavel Durov’s groupmate. It is positioned as a full-fledged alternative to the well-known social network, and with the ability to monetize content. Still, there is no version available for download. The other day, the developers showed a demo version of the app, but the service is not yet available to ordinary users.
NOW is another alternative. Dmitry Marinin, a former employee of Yandex.Music and Yandex.Cloud, is working on the project. A functional beta version is available through TestFlight.
VKontakte does not quite fit the definition of “generic”, but we cannot help but mention it in this list. In recent years, VKontakte has seriously updated its tools and now you can post photos, videos, live streams, create conversations and group calls on a familiar and friendly-user platform.
Grustnogram is most likely a joke project. The social network for the sad encourages you to be blue together. (Note: we don’t!)