17 March 2022

Master Class by Dentsu Russia

We would like to invite FinU undergrads, grads as well as alumni to take part in a master class by Dentsu Russia (CARAT), an international communication group, entitled “Russian Media Market: What Stands Behind Advertising Besides Creatives?”

  Speakers: Maria Tarasova and Ksenia Golovkina, Advertising Planning Group Heads at the media agency CARAT (Dentsu Russia). Both have a huge experience in working with advertising campaigns and handling the most difficult clients.

 In the workshop you will learn:
 the media market is not just traditional media;
 how media responds to trends;
 what media planning is and what is required for it;
 about the step-by-step process of preparing media products, and the example of planning on the Internet.

 31 March | 16.00 | online
 Register here: