16 March 2022

First Student from Luhansk People’s Republic Gets Enrolled at FinU

On March 11, 2022, Rector of the Financial University Stanislav E. Prokofiev met with Pavel Sukharevsky, a student from the Lugansk People’s Republic.
The Rector solemnly presented him the order on his enrolment to 1st year bachelor’s program in Marketing.
“You have become the first student to be transferred from the Luhansk People’s Republic to study at the Financial University. For our part, we are ready to assist you in many areas, but you have a lot of serious work ahead of you. I wish good luck in all your endeavors”, said Rector Prokofiev.
The Rector added that the Financial University is already cooperating with the universities of the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic and is considering the possibility of organizing internships for teachers and launching joint educational programs for students.
The meeting was also attended by Vice-Rector for Marketing and Working with Applicants Svetlana V. Bryukhovetskaya.
Financial University joined the number of universities in Russia, which allowed the transfer of students who were in a difficult situation due to the recent international events.
You can apply for transfer or readmission through “My Account” at https://anketa.fa.ru/user/sign-in/start.