15 March 2022

By strengthening cooperation, we expand borders

In the current challenging global environment, partnerships with foreign educational and scientific organizations are of particular importance. Financial University receives letters from foreign colleagues expressing support for our students studying abroad.
Our French partners reaffirm their commitment to the principles of equality and non-discrimination of all students, regardless of their nationality and origin, and express their readiness to ensure a comfortable stay for all Russian students at their host universities. Foreign universities are ready to provide our students with all the necessary organizational, psychological, and financial support so that they can focus on their studies and fully experience their participation in study abroad programs.
We thank our partners for their openness and hope that academic cooperation will serve as a bridge between different countries, peoples and cultures and help to find solutions to improve the situation as soon as possible.
Financial University continues to work actively to expand the scientific and educational partnership network and to develop new international projects and initiatives.
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Office for International Cooperation