5 March 2022

FinU Rector’s Address

Dear colleagues!

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation has gone through hard times together with our country on many occasions throughout the history, always remaining faithful to its academic traditions, high moral ideals and ethical principles of the scientific community. The University responded to external challenges with dignity, found solutions to crisis situations and, of course, always extended a helping hand to those who needed support.

Today, Russia is facing difficult foreign policy conditions, and the national economy is under continuous pressure because of the imposed sanctions. The tense international situation requires the academic community to consolidate and work actively together to support both students and teachers, including those facing difficulties in various foreign countries. I would like to stress that today it is of particular importance to maintain a healthy atmosphere of mutual assistance, trust and understanding and to ensure comfortable interaction within the University walls.

The branch network of the Financial University covers the whole of Russia, from Saint Petersburg to Blagoveshchensk, and unites thousands of people who seek to accumulate knowledge, engage in research and develop new state-of-the-art technologies. Taking into account all possible risks and constraints, we will do our best to ensure the development of the Financial University, implementation of the previously planned programs and projects as well as the maintenance of friendly and business relations with our foreign partners.

Accessibility and high quality of higher education, equality and openness to scientific dialogue in all the world’s languages are key priorities of the Financial University. Education must remain outside politics and science must serve the progress of all mankind. Financial University has always been and will continue to be the center of attraction of talented, passionate and creative people, a common home where there is no room for aggression and cruelty.

Clearly, the recent international developments have left no one indifferent. In many ways, the decent future of the Russian Federation and the life and well-being of millions of people depend on our unity and civic solidarity. Only in unity, based on the high moral principles of the scientific community and genuine humanistic ideals, can we overcome the harsh tests and achieve heights for the benefit of our country!


Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Stanislav. E. Prokofiev