15 November 2021

The FinU International Cooperation Office warmly congratulates Prof. Mikhail Eskindarov!

Dear Prof. Mikhail Eskindarov! The FinU International Cooperation Office warmly congratulates you on your 70th birthday! You are highly respected as a distinguished scientist, publicist and public figure. Your talents at teaching mentoring together with your creative and organisational skills are pretty well known because your professional activities require high responsibility, great dedication, integrity and ability to solve problems quickly and effectively in various difficult situations. You are an experienced leader with a modern management style, a remarkable example of how intelligence, talent, initiative and hard work can bring one well-deserved success and respect. Your entire scientific and creative path is related to achieving the most challenging goals of Russian science. From the bottom of our hearts, the FinU International Cooperation Office wishes you good health, excellent mood, a lot of happiness, and inexhaustible life energy to achieve new heights for the prosperity of Russia. Yours sincerely, Alexander Linnikov and the FinU International Team.