1 Октября 2021

Vice Rector for International Cooperation Alexander Linnikov`s Interview

29.09.21 FinU Vice Rector for International Cooperation Alexander Linnikov shared his expert views at TASS, the largest Russian media agency. 

Within the framework of an interview experts were discussing the existing regimes of territories of advancing development and free port of Vladivostok would allow to create a new kind of economy within the Far East region and to implement and rescale projects in every field in a decade.

According to Alexander Linnikov, due to the benefits of the Far East preferential regimes the most exponentially growing fields are public commute, domestic and international cargo transportation and fisheries.

"All in all, this implies the necessity of shaping the social and educational infrastructure, establishing healthcare and housing network", – said Alexander Linnikov.

Experts also pointed out the top significance of housing construction development in the region, lacking it means harder recruitment for the projects currently undergoing in the Far East. They also appreciate extending allowances for the residents of the territories of advancing development further to the investors of complex construction projects as well.

"Sure, it is important to introduce well-balanced supportive measures, including those for developers who contributes to sustainable growth of business and industry within these regions", – summarized Alexander Linnikov.

The full text of the interview (in Russian) is accessible here: https://tass.ru/ekonomika/12532403