Dear Colleagues,

Financial University is one of the leading Russian institutions of higher learning with more than ninety years’ history. During these years, we have been accumulating and passing on to the new generations our pedagogical, scientific, and organizational experience. Intensity of the educational process, involvement in progressive developments, readiness to embrace large-scale transformations, quick response to changing life challenges and ability to meet them have always distinguished this higher education institution.

Having preserved achievements and the best traditions of the Russian and Soviet higher school, we have enriched the educational process by constantly introducing efficient up-to-date educational technologies, thus providing high quality professional training and research work.

The Financial University has always been open for cooperation with foreign partners. Today it is a truly international university both in terms of the student body and the nature of its activities, a university which is becoming actively integrated into the European and global educational and research community.

Year by year the University has been developing its powerful academic, intellectual and creative potential, which we can now, by right, take pride in, and has been shaping its humanitarian traditions, which we are cherishing and keeping up, acquiring valuable experience in training top-class specialists. It has always been distinguished by its unique academic and teaching staff. The scholars of the University have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Russian economic science. Renowned economists, heads of scientific research schools, authors of textbooks and monographs used by many generations of Russian and foreign financiers and economists have worked and still work here. While holding advanced positions in Russian economic education today, we face the future with confidence and work for the benefit of the future by contributing to the development of our country’s economy and wellbeing and prosperity of its citizens.

Mikhail A. Eskindarov

Rector of  Financial University
under the Government of the Russian Federation
Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor,
Honored Scholar of the Russian Federation