Faculty of finance and crediting



 Dean of the Faculty

Ekaterina R. Bezsmertnaya,

PhD., Associate Professor, Securities and Financial Engineering Chair


“Global financial crisis showed to what extent modern society and economy depend upon the operational quality  of financial and credit system for which we train specialists. Market environment changes every day and to be able to understand and asses current events, to find solutions in difficult situations, modern financier must not only have comprehensive professional knowledge and skills, but  should  constantly keep gaining and perfecting his knowledge”



Our Mission

Training specialists in finance and credit who are able to creatively use their knowledge and perfect their professional skills in any, even most complex economic and social conditions.

About the Faculty

The Faculty’s history starts in 1919 with the establishment of the Moscow Institute of Finance and Economics - the fist specialized financial higher educational institution in the country. In line with changing conditions the Faculty’s structure was changed many times. Now the Faculty comprises the Faculty of Finance, the Faculty of Insurance and the Faculty of Credit which previously used to be independent structures.

The Faculty provides training for Bachelors of Economics, major Finance and Credit.

The Faculty has five specialized departments: Finance Department, Property Valuation and Management Department, Insurance Department, Monetary Relations and Banks Department and Securities and Financial Engineering Department.

Our Graduates

 Success that our graduates have been achieving for many decades is evidence of high quality professional training of specialists in finance and credit. Among our graduates are statesmen and public figures, heads of banks and financial institutions, scholars. Characteristic features of our graduates have always been profound knowledge and high professional qualities, analytical thinking and ability to work in a team. We do hope that our today’s students and those who will join us tomorrow will achieve the same level of professional success.

Our Professors

The Faculty traditionally employs highly qualified professors. Our specialized departments faculty members are well-known in professional circles and have many years of teaching and research experience. With regard to professional community requirements the Faculty also involves market practitioners in the educational process who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with future colleagues.


At the Faculty Educational tuition process combines strong fundamental general economics training with applied disciplines. At our seminars and practical trainings we actively use new educational technologies – round table discussions, brainstorming, case studies, discussions, trainings,   independent work involving on-line resources. Some of  and use our specialized departments have laboratories which allow students to access specialized literature, computer information bases.   

 Unique Features, Competitive Advantages

 Alongside traditional teaching methods we use new training formats. The Faculty’s students can  attend master classes and problem –and- theme seminars with participation of top managers from  biggest international and Russian companies. The Financial  University cooperation with foreign universities allows us to invite  visiting professors from western universities to deliver lectures and hold seminars.

 Practical Training and Job Placement

 Our students mainly have internships at the Russian Ministry of Finance and regional finance ministries, the Federal Treasury and its regional bodies, the Russian Accounting Chamber, the Federal Insurance Supervision Service, the Russian Central Bank and its regional branches, big commercial banks, insurance companies, financial and investment institutions. Close cooperation with a number of biggest Russian companies allows our senior students to acquire practical skills necessary for their future work as degree specialist when they are still studying.

 Faculty of Finance and Crediting

is located at the address:

107996  , 1, Kibalchicha St., Moscow

 the  Faculty works in two shifts:
1  shift (
с 8:30 – 13:40): 3 year and 4 year
2  shift(
с 13:40 – 19:40): 1 year and  2 year

Contacts: 682-12-05, 682-13-01