Practical orientation  of  academic education being  of  utmost importance to the present-day economist, the focus at the Financial University  is on involving  experienced  practitioners as lectures. Heeds of banks, insurance and audit companies, executives from major financial-and-industrial groups  can often be seen teaching our students and course participants. Moreover, having  introduced ranks of “visiting professors”, we invite prominent scholars from leading foreign universities and well as practitioners to deliver sets of lectures and  conduct master  classes at the University.

   List of Doctors Honoris Causa from Finance University



Mr. Vaclav Klaus - President of the Czech Republic (since 2003, reelected 2008) and a former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (1992–1997).



Mr. Wolfgang Ziemann - Member of the Board of Management of RWE AG



 Mr. Paul Davenport -  President and Professor of Economics, The University of Western Ontario, Canada



Mr .Robert Mundell  -   Professor of Economics at Columbia University (USA), the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science in 1999



Mr. Paul Adolph Volcker  - American economist,  the Chairman of the Federal Reserve under United States Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan from August 1979 to August 1987; Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board under President Barack Obama from February 2009[] until January 2011.



Mrs. Jessica Kozloff - President  of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA (1994 2007)



Mr. Saleem   Khan - chairman of the economics department at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA



Mr. Klaus-Peter Müller,  German banker. Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank AG, Germany's second-largest bank.



Mr. Grzegorz W. Kołodko  - a key architect of Polish economic reforms, professor of economics, economist specializing in development economy, system reforms and public finances, currently heading a think-tank TIGER, Transformation, Integration and Globalizaction Economic Research, at Kozminski University.




Mr. Denis Kessler, President SCOR, insurance company , Paris, France



 Mr. Ichak Adizes -  expert on improving the performance of business and government through fundamental change.



Mr. Matthes Buhbe – Director of the representation of  The Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russian Federation





Mr. Pascal Quiry - Director of the Valuations and Stock Market Listing team at BNP-Paribas;  lecturer and coordinator of corporate finance classes at the HEC business school in Paris.



Mr. Jesús Huerta de Soto Ballester is a leading Austrian School economist and Professor of Political Economy at Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Spain

   Mr. Velichko Adamov Yonov, Rector, Professor, Ph. D., 

   D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics,