Education abroad

Once you become a student of the Financial University you have a real chance to study at a foreign university at the same time!!!

Students of the Financial University have excellent opportunities to study abroad.

We have signed Agreements on Double Degree with a number of prominent foreign higher educational institutions, thus allowing our students, mainly of the fourth year, to study compatible international program and upon its completion get a degree of the Financial University and also a degree of partner foreign university. Hundreds of students have already taken advantage of this opportunity and became happy holders of two degrees!!!

The following Double Degree programs proved to become the most efficient:

The Financial University students can also study abroad during one or two semesters in the framework of “included education” on the basis of effective agreements with leading higher educational institutions such as: Vienna University (Austria), Portsmouth University (the UK), Higher School of Bremen/University, Cologne University, Potsdam University, Otto Beisheim Higher School of Management, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Germany), Aldo Moro University (Bari), Perugia University and Salento University (Lecce) (Italy), King Juan Carlos University, Cadis University, Madrid Compultence University (Spain), Jacksonville University ( USA), Western Ontario University (Canada), Liaoning University, University of International Business and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics (China), University Paris -1 Pantheon -Sorbonne, Rene Descartes University Paris V, Jean Moulin Lyons 3 University, CNAM University (National Depository of Arts and Science) (France).

Many of these study trips abroad don’t require substantial expenses as they take place on the basis of interuniversity agreements on mutual student exchanges.

Main requirements for studying abroad at a partner university are:

  • exhalent and good marks;
  • international certificate of foreign language proficiency.

The Financial University also provides the possibility to master foreign language skills and to attend courses held in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, China.

If you have any questions related to studying abroad please contact the Center for International Educational and Research Cooperation: + 7 (499) 943 9878, + 7 (499) 943 9335, е-mail: