Its powerful intellectual potential has allowed the Financial University to become a major research center where research is carried out in all the branches of the financial and economic science. The University has nurtured many well-known scientific schools headed by prominent experts in economic theory and practice who are well known not only in Russia but also abroad, including professors I. Belyayeva, V. Getman, O. Golosov, A. Gryaznova, N. Dumnaya, L. Krasavina, O. Lavrushin, M. Melnik, Ya. Mirkin, L. Orlanyuk-Malitskaya, V. Rodionova, A. Ryakhovskaya, L. Pavlova, G. Sillaste, V. Smitienko, M. Fedotova, M. Eskindarov, and others. The Financial University’s scholars carry out fundamental and applied research in the priority areas of science and conduct expert and analytical activities in economics and finance. 

The research findings and practical achievements are incorporated in the educational process, including encyclopedias written by our scholars, scientific monographs and textbooks, many of which have won the Awards of the President of the Russian Federation, scientific articles in leading Russian and foreign journals, sets of teaching materials.

The Financial University is building the innovation support infrastructure. We have set up the Institute of Financial Markets and Applied Economics, comprising three research advisory centres – the Centre for Financial Research, Centre for Tax Research and Consulting, and Centre for Fundamental and Applied Research, as well as four scientific laboratories, an information analysis centre, and intellectual property protection department.

Particular attention is paid at the University to research activities carried out by young scholars. The Students Centre of Open Entrepreneurship, the Student Research Society, the Council of Young Scholars, and the International School of Young Scholars have been set up to promote student research. Postgraduate students from foreign countries are regular participants in research projects, international seminars and research-to-practice conferences, as well as the Summer Academy and Winter Academy sessions.